Resume & Cover Letter Templates

We’ve put together some resume and cover letter templates that you can download and use as a starting point for writing your own. Before you start applying for jobs it’s a good idea to get both of these up to date and looking great!

Resume Templates:

Click the buttons below to download resume templates.

Cover Letter Template:

Have some fun personalising your resume and cover letter so that your application stands out. Try changing the colour, fonts and of course re-write everything so that it’s all about you! Just remember to keep things simple and easy to read – you want to make it as easy as possible for your potential employer to see all the good stuff.

What is a cover letter?

What is a resume?

What are Transferable Skills?

Before you send it off, make sure to do the following:

  • Ask someone to read over your application to check for spelling mistakes. You can also get help with this at 26Ten in St Helens.
  • Export your documents as PDF files if you’re sending them by email – that way everything will look the same for the person reading it as it does on your screen.
  • Double check your phone number and email address!

Get in touch if you would like us to have a look at your application before you hit send, we’re here and happy to help! You can contact us by email: or call us on 0417 143133 or 0417 155201.

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