BODEC Success Stories

We love to celebrate your success stories! Here are a few examples of people who have found work or new employees with our help. So, if you’re looking for a new job or need new team members, get in touch with us today!


Heidi got in touch as she needed someone to help compile the Coastal Column before it gets printed each month. They needed to have specific admin skills, including being able to use Publisher and respond professionally to emails.

We met Heidi at our launch event in St Helens, she got in touch not long after with details of the job. We then advertised the position and were able to put Heidi in touch with a potential employee. 

“It’s worked out really well the person that they put in touch with me I have employed. She’s now been working with me on two editions of the Coastal Column… It’s the first time ever in 13 years that I have just done one night’s work on this edition. Everything else was left with the person I have employed, thanks to BODEC. They’ve done a fantastic job. They’ve picked the absolute perfect candidate for my business and I’m really grateful for their assistance.”


Being new to the area, Crystl wasn’t sure how difficult it would be to find a job in St Helens. She wondered whether she’d be able to find something that suited her requirements. Due to a chronic illness, she needed something with limited hours to enable her to work in her own way. Crystl contacted us after hearing about BODEC from friends. Crystl got the job without even meeting the boss! 

“BODEC were able to help me by having a pre-interview and figuring out exactly what I wanted from the job. I didn’t have to go into that interview looking a bit silly trying to list all my negatives…”

Having knowledge of both the employer’s needs and Crystl’s needs meant that Cindy was able to match them up successfully. We call that a win-win!

“The new job that I got through BODEC is amazing. I love it – it’s flexible, it ticks all my boxes. I really enjoy the work that I do and I’ve got an amazing boss.”


Kadem was looking for a new career path when he contacted us about a project management course. He’d seen an advert on our Facebook page and started the process.

“To start with, I wasn’t actually eligible for the course itself. BODEC found another avenue to the way I could get into the course I wanted to do. They’re approachable, easy-going & everything’s been great from day one. It’s given me a different outlook on the way I think and go around things…It has got me back in the classroom, which I haven’t done for over 15 years…I know that I can actually retrain and go down a different career path.”


Bruce is the owner of Kellraine Holiday Units. When the business started to grow he came to us for help finding some extra housekeeping staff. We were able to suggest a few potential candidates. After contacting them for interviews, Bruce was successful in finding a new employee.


Benjamin came along to our first job fair at the Trade Training Centre in St Helens. He later contacted us about finding some work in Fingal. As well as getting a new job, he also completed a Cert 3 in Retail.

“I contacted BODEC and Claire fitted me with the perfect job. After that, all I had to do was to have an interview with my current employer at the Fingal IGA with Claire. That was really great, we had her alongside through the whole process.”

Now it’s your turn!

We would love to keep adding to these Success Stories. Contact us to see how we can help you to reach your goals!


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