What are silent listings?

Silent listings are the job vacancies we keep behind the scenes for local employers who are looking for someone with specific skills. They will often contact us directly to see if we know of anyone who might be suitable for their position.

For employers:

If you are an employer wanting to create a silent listing, you can post a job with us here and select ‘share privately with potential candidates’.

For job seekers:

If you are looking for work and would like us to contact you about silent listings, send us your details using the form below. If you prefer to chat, give us a call on 0417 143 133 or 0417 155 201 or visit us at 48 Cecilia St, St Helens.

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Stay up to date!

Don’t wait for something to come up – follow us on Facebook to see new job vacancies in the area, or browse our job listings here! You’re also welcome to contact us directly:

Call us on: 0417 155 201 or 0417 143 133

Visit us at: 48 Cecilia St, St Helens TAS 7216

Email us at: admin@bodec.org.au

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