Ever thought about being on a board that helps add value to the activities of BODEC and its purpose? Do you think you could represent the views of the employers, job seekers, different population groups (ie. low SES, migrants,
women, Aboriginal) community, business, and government services on barriers to employment,
workforce participation, and education and training, and actions to address these.

Members will be appointed by the existing Board based on merit, through a transparent process, and
in alignment with the purpose, objective and goals, and ability to manage the financial and strategic
affairs of the Board.

Each Member will be appointed for a maximum term of three years. A person appointed as a Member
who remains eligible to be appointed a member, may be reappointed for a further period or periods
subject to any extension of the Term of the Authority beyond three (3) years.

Member recruitment will be based upon the individual having an appropriate mix and balance of skills,
knowledge and experience as set out in the Selection Criteria below.

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