Aged 18-25? Join the Youth Volunteer Army!

Break O’Day Employment Connect is now registered as a Youth Volunteer Army organisation in Tasmania – all young people aged 18-25 across the Break O’Day, Bicheno and Coles Bay region are encouraged to join the BODEC team!

Download the app and start logging your volunteering hours today!

What is the Youth Volunteer Army?

Volunteering Tasmania and Student Volunteer Army New Zealand (SVA) have partnered up to bring a youth-based volunteering program to Tasmania. The program recognises the volunteering efforts of young people in Tasmania and provides a way to showcase the skills and experience gained from volunteering when applying for jobs, traineeships or other opportunities. It is also a way to get involved in the local community, build networks and make new friends.

Why volunteer?

“Volunteering is a great way to gain experience while helping others. If you’re doing something to help other people, without expecting anything in return, that’s volunteering. Whether you’re putting out cones at a sports event, organising the school ball, caring for a sick family member, washing dogs at the SPCA, planting trees, or picking up plastic rubbish at the beach – you’re making a contribution to your community and that counts.

It can be hard to get a job without experience, but it can be hard to get experience without a job. By volunteering and logging your hours through the SVA Service Award app,  you can add essential skills to your CV while building your confidence and making friends.” – SVA Service Award

How do I join?

Joining the Youth Volunteer Army is simple. Follow the steps below and contact us at if you need help signing up.

  1. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Select Sign Up and search for ‘Break O’Day Employment Connect (BODEC)’ under school/organisation.
  3. Complete the registration forms and select ‘Sign Me Up’.
  4. Log your volunteering hours with a short explanation of each activity.
  5. Build a CV of Volunteering.
  6. Include your CV of Volunteering with your resume when applying for apprenticeships, employment and scholarships.

How and where can I volunteer?

A good place to start is to reflect on what you already do that might count as volunteering – either formal or informal. Remember – if you’re doing something to help other people, without expecting anything in return, that’s volunteering.

Also, have a think about the amount of time you have available to volunteer – is it during the week, only on weekends or once a month? Maybe you can do a whole day or just one hour at a time – it all counts!

The next step is to contact the people and organisations in your community who might need volunteers. This could include your local neighbourhood house, the library, St Helens Marine Rescue, the community garden, your sports club, even a neighbour with a dog that needs walking…talk to us if you’d like help with ideas 🙂

Would you like help getting started?

  • Come and see us at 48 Cecilia St, St Helens, Tas, 7215
  • Email